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Sound of Voice
Some people say pronunciation is an important factor in communication, but the other people say you don't have to nervous about it. I have no idea about which is the right answer, but it is clear that understanding the difference between English speaker's voice and mine may help my English communication.

 I often turn on the radio (CBC) in my apartment. When I feel bad, I usually go to bed and take a nap with a radio on. One day, I seemed to adjust to a wrong channel. Mostly, the DJ's voice was clear but some strange sound interrupted their talk. Though I wanted to change into clear sound, my body didn't want to move anymore. The radio kept giving strange sounds.

 Listening carefully, I noticed that the channel was correct. Some strange sounds came from a certain section; R sound. It is hard to explain but my ears caught two sounds together. What did that mean?

 Personally, I think that they come from the vocal cords and some fricative. Any books don't describe it. I am not a phonetician so this is an absolute fanciful theory. Even though it is doubtful, this happening gave me a great attention to English pronunciation again. To tell the truth, I didn't think that I had a problem about my pronunciation. Last year, the ESL school where I attended taught us some certain words. The teacher trained us to say words correctly. Not knowing how complicated those were, I was horribly embarrassed when I listened to my English with MD (Mini Disk) recorder. While we were on a summer holiday, my husband and I trained hard to improve our pronunciation. Recording our voice, making sure about our voice, comparing to CD's (English speaker's) voice, arguing about the differences. Making voice is totally different between Japanese and English.

 I'm sure I can't become a native English speaker. However, it's necessary to mind it otherwise, I will be more depressed. There are a lot of people who pay attention to my talking with raised eyebrow.
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Hitting the Hay
If your bed is very old, what will happen to you? In our case, it gave us uncomfortable sleeping times, especially
for my husband.

Our furnished apartment had an "antique" bed with a marshmallow -like mattress. Eating marshmallows might give us sweet time, but sleeping on them didn't produce soft time. Gradually, my husband's backache had gotten worse, so we considered this matter frequently. We couldn't afford a fine mattress and that brushed up our unique mind.

First of all, we tried sleeping on the carpet. It was better than before. We identified that the soft mattress really attacked his back. Then we bought a thick bed mat and laid it on the carpet. Even though the carpet was a better place, the furnace heated through it awfully as if magmas were acting under the ground. So, what should we do next?

We decided to remake our bed! Our mission was to place a bed mat instead of the "marshmallow". Though this idea was great, we needed boards under the mat so as not to break our "antique" one.

One day, there was a poor Japanese man walking along a street with plywood in his arms. The total weight was more than 20 kg. It was difficult for him to carry them all. Unfortunately, he didn't know the bus stop, missed the bus, and had to wait there more than thirty minutes. The bus driver complained to him about loading such big boards. At that time, the temperature was -15 ℃.

When my husband returned home at night, he told me the above story. Because of the rough surface products, I could see many thorns on his hands. My poor husband! Our mission was not finished. We put the "marshmallow" against the wall, placed plywood on our bed, covered it with paper, and finally, put on the bed mat.

Our bed has no springs. However, he hasregained a good spring in his back. Of course, we sleep very well now.
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Santa Claus
 Is there a Santa Clause in this world? It is natural for kids to think about it. Expecting and suspecting his existence, I asked my mother. This story begins with my mother's advice. " Why don't you send a letter to him?"

send a letter?

 I was puzzled. That was a really new idea for me. Was it possible to do that? Before my questions grew bigger, I took a paper and described myself in it. Introducing myself was important, especially in the first letter. But I didn't know his address. "The attic is the best place to put your letter. Maybe, he will find it." I thought my mother had a great idea.

 The next day, my letter had disappeared and I found a new letter in the attic. Of course, I was delighted. Coincidentally, his writing was similar to my mother's. So what?

 I can't remember how many times we communicated with each other. But one day, something happened. I tried placing my letter in a park instead of the attic. It would be easy for my pen friend to find my letter. Not so. He couldn't find it. When I told my mother, she turned pale.
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 When I came in Canada, I had had no friends to talk with. My best place was near the window. The only thing for me to do was to watch outside and to find some interesting thing. Of course, nothing happened. The view from the second floor was monotonous. Old apartments (including my apartment) and brand-new condominiums stood together. North Saskatchewan River was not seen from here. Rocky Mountains would be far from this city. I couldn't imagine where The Pacific Ocean was.

One day, I noticed that there was a lady sitting inside of an apartment. The apartment was next to mine and her floor was on the basement level. She was black. Her name was "Beth"; her roommate called her that. Knowing her name, I felt like I was her friend. Probably, her situation was similar to mine, because she watched outside almost all day, just like me. As a result, she became the center of my attention. Making friends with Beth was my big hope.

Several weeks later, I had a chance to talk to her. Joyfully, one new comer spoke to Beth, but she was very shy. She ran away with her stout body swaying. Speaking with Asian people might not be her taste.

Now, her room belongs to another tenant. She moved somewhere with her feeder. If I had been able to cry "meow", Beth would have been my best friend in CANADA. Uh… Can it have been true? I had to make sure whether she liked an Asian lady.
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My Problem
 I usually imagine the same language is used all over the world. English is my second language so it is difficult to express what I mean.

Last Wednesday, I EMBARRASSED myself when I knew my vocabulary problem. In my essay "Hot Summer in My Apartment", I chose a word "ANNOY" but it seems to be wrong word. Also, the word "EMBARRASS" may not suit this previous sentence. I have been worrying about all the sentences since then. It makes me nervous.

I organize my Web page that describes my Canadian life. My friends like to read it and one person advises me to publish it (actually, that is true but I'm sure it is just a joke). Well, it's easy to write about my Canadian life in my mother language. But here in this country is not Japan.

Now it's gotten hard to write my essay.

              Thinking a lot
              Writing a little
           Feeling down endlessly
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